Having an organized closet may seem like too simple a strategy. However, being able to grab your work uniform, or work outfit without any hesitation can save many missed bus rides, late starts at work, and reprimands for having the wrong uniform on.

This strategy often works best when an individual has a designated uniform that they must wear when they go to work. In essence, having a uniform creates a sort of structure and routine for an individual, preparing them to anticipate the structure and routine expected of them in the work place.

Jobs that do not require a uniform can often cause a more complicated “getting ready” process. If laundry has not been done recently or if a favorite shirt goes missing, the individual’s process and routine will be thrown off and their work performance may suffer.

In both circumstances a solution is as easy as you make it!

If a uniform is appointed, be sure to ask for several or, if necessary, purchase several. By having more then one uniform the individual will not have to face issues around not having a clean uniform everyday. Make sure uniforms hold their own spot in the closet, away from other clothes. Hanging them up will allow the individual a full visual of the uniform, in the drawer they may just assume it is there and in the morning be shocked it's still in the dirty clothes bin.

If a uniform is not mandatory, create a uniform for the person! If black pants are expected or acceptable, choose three of the same pair and make sure they are very comfortable. Different colored shirts are fine but choose all the same style, and have at least a week's worth available. If an individual decides to wear something outside this “made up” uniform that is fine. On odd mornings when they are struggling with what to wear they will always have the basics to fall back on.


Do it yourself