Parent Retreat 2018

The 11th annual Parent Retreat will be held in three Saskatchewan communities. This free-of-charge workshop is held for parents, caregivers, and family members of individuals with FASD. Parent Retreat is a one-day event that provides information on FASD and gives attendees the opportunity to connect with other caregivers.


Saturday, April 28th – Saskatoon

Saturday, May 12th – Regina

Saturday, May 26th – Prince Albert

This event is open to parents or caregivers from any family structure, no matter how old the individuals living with FASD are. The event will be a one-day workshop in each community with lunch provided. Please note that hotel accommodations and childcare are not provided.


The Network is excited to announce that all the presentations at this year’s Parent Retreat will be delivered by Saskatchewan caregivers who have years of experience raising and caring for individuals with FASD. As they prepare to travel across the province to share their wealth of knowledge with other families, they have decided this year’s theme will be “Driving Hope.” Life with FASD can be a rough road and every family is at a different stage of their journey so this year’s event will focus on support and strategies throughout an individual’s lifespan while empowering positive thinking and inspiring a focus on successes as you continue your journey with FASD.

To review the basic information on FASD download the Network’s Awareness Guide.


8:30 am - Registration

9:00 am - opening introductions

9:30 am -  ‘Honouring the backseat drivers’ presented by Shana Mohr
the day will begin with a brief overview of FASD and the primary disabilities then discuss strategies for supporting children with the disability

10:50 am – Sensory exercise by Lisa Brownstone
throughout the day Lisa, a caregiver and retired occupational therapist, will be discussing sensory processing and demonstrating strategies for sensory impairments

11:30 am – Lunch

12:30 pm – ‘Fasten your seatbelts’ presented by Kim Skidmore
After lunch, Kim will discuss some of the common challenges when individuals with FASD reach their teens and strategies for supporting them through this stage of life

1:30 pm – ‘Who’s steering?’ presented by Marion Tudor
As the day continues, Marion will discuss key considerations as teens transition to adulthood and how to continue supporting them as adults

2:50 pm – Sensory exercise by Lisa Brownstone
Lisa will discuss sensory strategies for teens and adults

3:10 pm – Panel discussion/ Questions & Answers
All four speakers will give their final remarks about life with FASD and take time to answers questions from attendees


Register Now

There is no cost to attend. 
Please contact communications@fasdnetwork.ca or (306) 975 – 0896 if you have any questions or need assistance registering. 

Registration deadlines:
Saskatoon - register by April 23rd
Regina - register by May 7th 
Prince Albert - register by May 17th 



The FASD Network would like to thank the Dakota Dunes Community Development Coporation, the Ministry of Social Services, and the Ministry of Health for providing the funding to make Parent Retreat 2018 possible.