Annual General Meeting

7:00 pm

Location:  510 Cynthia St, Saskatoon


Over the last 20 years, the Network has been working to enhance the lives of individuals and families with FASD. Join us at our Annual General Meeting as we celebrate the success of another year.

On June 2nd at the Network’s office in Saskatoon (510 Cynthia st) our stakeholders will come together for a ‘year in review’ presentation of the accomplishments of 2016/17. This meeting is open to the public, we encourage everyone to attend.

Memberships to the Network will be available for purchase, they are a great way to become involved. All members have the right to vote and become elected to our Board of Directors. We offer membership to individuals for $20.00 and to organizations for $100.00. These fees help the Network to achieve our vision statement. This year’s AGM will include changes to the bylaws and possible nominations to the Board of Directors. Members will have the chance to pass their votes at the AGM, copies of the proposed bylaw changes are available upon request. 

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