It is typical starting at a very young age for children to start showing preferences for certain foods, clothes, music, etc. It is very exciting to see their personality form and develop around these likes and dislikes. One very important factor to consider is why these likes and dislikes form; could they be mimicking a parent or sibling? Or maybe they are displaying how they interpret things through their senses.

Every person utilizes their senses in the quest to find their favorite foods, most comfortable blanket, and perfect volume level, the same is true of children. A great majority of children living with FASD tend to find they have over-sensitivity and/or under-sensitivity to things like, textures, tastes, sights, sounds, smells, movements, and even their sense of where they are in the world.

By learning about a child, youth or adult we can tap into what they may find most soothing, to make difficult times such as bed time, travel in the car, and even an uncomfortable school chair more bearable.

How and where to use these techniques:

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