Velcro may not be pretty, but it will save your walls and curtains from repair after repair. Suggesting a family trade their traditional window coverings for Velcro curtains may not be the first thing that comes to mind while supporting a family, but many families report the deterioration of their home as one of the largest causes of burnout. 

The stigma families often feel when allowing someone to enter their home can be overwhelming, especially when faced with the amount of destruction that can take place by children, youth and adults living with FASD. This is not to say that all families will experience this type and level of destruction but it does seem to be a trend in discussion amongst parents. 

Providing things like Velcro curtains allows parents to eliminate the level of destruction taking place in their home and regain a feeling of control over household problems! When a parent feels their home is in a constant state of construction from coloring on the walls, curtains being ripped off the rods, or doors being banged into walls, they experience heightened feelings of stress and anxiety. 

Suggest to parents that they worry only about what works best for their family at this time. This may look like Velcro curtains in the kids' rooms, removal of doors, locks on some doors, unfinished walls, chalkboard walls, baby gates, hanging chairs, sleeping bag beds and more! 

Whatever works for a family should be supported and celebrated, and mentioned to other families experiencing the same problems.